Friday, March 4, 2011

Stage 2: Add Color

I have been working very hard on this portait of Cortney. I am totally not liking it as much as I was before. I have a tendency to get this way after I add color to something.

This is Stage two of the portait. I added more shading with pencil, and I also added colored pencil and some watercolor pencil to this. To blend, I used Johnson and Johnsons unscented baby oil gel. I blended with my finger, and a paper blending stump. It did smudge some of the lead pencil, but that is okay I guess.

This picture has the wet look as this photo was A)taken with my cell phone B) Still wet from the gel,  and C) the gel takes a while to dry.

I need to add a background color to her... I might actually just do GREEN chalks behind her, so she shines more than ever and not a distracting back ground to take away from her beauty.

Later in the evening, I got really bored. I was watching TV, and I knew I couldnt sleep.... So I decided to pull out some 12 x 12 scrapbook paper/cardstock.

I sat down on my futon, with my ott light, and my sharpie and started "Doodling". About an hour and some change later... this is my final product. Yes, blurry. As once again, taken with my phone.

This was made for Cortney's family. William, Zachary and Zoey. All their names are in this , and I even framed this for them. I hope they enjoy it!


Jillian said...

I love your doodles! You are so gifted, I wish I had half the creativity you do!

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