Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spread a Little Sunshine

I have this book. I read it occassionally when I am feeling kind of bummed. I picked it up at Hallmark. Yep, one of my favorite stores. :) I came across it when I was in a deep part of my life where I felt where I didn't matter to a lot of people. This book is called, "The Rainy Day Book." It is a book of quotes, jokes, short stories that just make you stop and smile, and to clear your mind. I think this was my favorite short story in the book. I read it every time. And now, for your reading pleasure:

Spread a Little Sunshine
Nancy B. Gibbs

One warm spring morning, I was riding down a highway and noticed a creek alongside the road. A tree had fallen over the water, and the sunshine was bearing down on it, making it a prime sunning spot. Turtles lined the tree, taking up every exposed inch of the trunk. The reptiles were basking the warmth of the sunlight as if they were waiting for a magnificent morning show to begin.

I thought about how we humans oftentimes get too busy to bask in the sunlight or appreciate the beauty of each new day. We’re often too busy to appreciate the sunshine in our own lives, much less reflect rays of happiness to those we meet. Here are ten easy ways to spread sunshine to others and say you care:

1. Compliment others for their accomplishments and efforts.

2. Smile at everyone you meet.

3. Say a sincere “good morning” to make others realize that you care for them.

4. Shake hands-- a nice, firm handshake says, “You are important.”

5. Send out a “thinking of you” note every day for a week to a friend of co-worker.

6. Invite someone to visit your church or club and offer to give them a ride.

7. When you bake bread, take a loaf to a shut in while its still warm.

8. Say “ I Love You” often.

9. Invite a neighbor over for coffee or tea.

10. Pray for your family and friends each day.

When we spread rays of the sunshine to those around us, we cant help but be warmed by the light. Although we should give for the sake of giving rather than for selfish reasons, the truth is that when we give, the light of generosity always bounces back to us.

I think you might dispense with half your doctors if you would only consult Dr. Sun more.

-- Henry Ward Beecher


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