Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainy Day Activities

Diem has been bugging me for the past few weeks to build her a tent. I finally I broke down, and made one for her. She kept asking me to make it in the living room.... but I figured, I am supposed to be cleaning the house, and well... she wont leave me alone to get the chores done, so why not build a tent in her room? BEST IDEA EVER, and I am officially the coolest mama ever!!!

I made it yesterday. Just a simple version of it. Two sheets. That lasted great!
Today, Monday, I added on to it. We added MORE sheets, and even expanded it. I am pretty positive that I am going to kick her baby booty out of there so I can give myself a time out and hang out in there. She has been hanging out in there all day today. Which has been a life saver for me today as well I clean house to get ready for Grandma Linda, and Grandpa "Can" to get here later this week. I hope I can keep this tent up so she can play in there while I finish cleaning house, and make sure its ready for them.
I have been writing letters to soldiers. I like to include little comic strips that remind me of Diem. I found this classic Calvin and Hobbes comic that reminds me of her right now. Diem is driving me crazy... she has the worst rainy day cabin fever.  For your intermission of this blog post.... Enjoy!

And now... here is our final product on this tent of Diem's. I am sure we will continue to build on it. You can make reservations ;) You just have to snuggle with Diem.


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