Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday on a Wednesday

I need to get this post done today, as I wont be able to post Thursday. Diem is coming to town tomorrow, and I will be picking her up early in the morning. :) Also! Grandma Phelps will be released from the Rehab Care Facility where she has been since October for the treatment of her stroke, (also on Thursday). She will be back to Ukiah. So no more commuting to Sebastopol.

I have lost 3.4 pounds in the past week. Yay!

So things to work on in the next week to come, as its the week before Christmas, and I usually eat 20x more crappier when Diem is here... Get extra PA outside if possible. (It is supposed to rain all week, so it may be more difficult to get Diem and I out for our typical 60 minutes of PA). I need to cut back on my sodium intake again. I am eating more salt items, and foods that are high in sodium due to my stress level and lack of motivation to make something, or all the traveling to Sebastopol. I also need to cut back on my coffee intake as it is full of fats/oils alone, and when I add my Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate, there is unwanted sugars in it that isnt helping my case.

I am no longer drinking soda. My fluid intake has been 1/3 Gatorade or Powerade Zero and 2/3 water. Both products have sugars in them. I have also been drinking more water, I drink atleast 3 liters a day. That is just a few things.

Got to keep trucking, and stay motivated! Here is one of a few pictures I used as my Christmas card. Have to use some humor with our cards especially in light of everything that has happened to our friends and family this year.

I havent lost it probably in the best ways, due to stress and lack of eating correctly 6 times a day, (3 meals, and 3 snacks). My PA is back on track, I play basketball now on Sundays for two hours, and then I will be playing two times a week starting January 6th. I just got picked up for this team last week and we had our first practice last Sunday. I am super excited for this up coming Sunday at 5:30, we are going to be scrimmaging a 5th and 6th grade girls basketball team. I wouldnt be surprised if they worked us, but it is a good work out anyway!


Lena said...

this is awsome ! You inspire me to try harder By next year maybe both us will fit in the damn pea coat together BUTTONED!!!

Jammie said...

You are doing great Em! Way to keep track of things and stay active!

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