Wednesday, December 29, 2010

THINspiration Thursday, on a Wednesday.

Happy THINspiration Thursday... on a Wednesday! I figured since I forgot last weeks... Due to Diem's departure, I would do this weeks, a little earlier.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL holiday! I heard on the radio today that the average American will gain atleast 1 pound over the holidays. ONE POUND!!! I thought it would be higher than that, but I will go with the one pound statistic.

This picture, is of me on Christmas Day. I went to dinner at my Uncle Dave's and Aunt Sue's house. My Grandma Rosa was able to leave her facility to join us for dinner. Christmas Eve, Dave, Sue, Gram and I spent it at Gram's "place". We had soup and salad. Christmas day we... well they had a the typical turkey dinner. I had, a roll, some mashed 'tatos, olives (black and green) and some gross green bean dish. Trust me, I walked away hungry. I barely ate any of that crap. 'Tatos, were good except they were full of butter!!!! Thank goodness I noticed that, as I typically put a little bit of butter on there as I dont eat gravy. I spent more time helping Gram out  than eating. I did eat 3 SMALL pieces of pie. I mean If you put all 3 together, it wasnt even a 3 inches across in size of these pieces. I had chocolate, coconut cream and pumpkin. They werent that great.

Basketball was cancelled this week due to the holiday weekend. Lets see if we have practice this weekend.

Due to all the holiday festivities, I thought I would have gained like 10 pounds... Nope just a pound and a half. So thats not too bad. Considering I havent weighed myself in 2 weeks-ish, and the lack of PA!!!

Well I have a lunch date tomorrow with my friend Becky, maybe she can motivate me a little!! She is amazing!!!

Until next Thursday.


Tina said...

Lucky you weren't at our Christmas lunch, we had duck, pork, ham, oysters, lobster, and just seemed to eat all day. I haven't been game to weigh myself!

Lena said...

You look great !!! I hope the cook of your christmas dinner doesnt read this post haha. I havnt did my blackmagic chalkboard card yet but I did make two cards last night. Not sure if you got the pics or not . Love ya friend!

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